The purple-licious power! A few healthy facts you did not know about sweet potato powder!



This magic powder will bring to your life not only pretty purple shades. It is also full of nutrients good for your health! Discover purple power and get to know how to use it in your kitchen best!

Our Purple Sweet Potato Powder is a fine purple powder made from fresh, high-quality purple sweet potato vegetables, which contains the raw material's nutrients and provides rich flavour. 


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Because of its unique flavour, it is suitable for fancy foods of cooking. It can also be used for plating, as a natural purple food colouring in pasta and bread doughs, as a colourant in desserts, creams, fillings, icings, ice creams etc.

Besides the pretty purple shades which this powder brings to your food, it is a powerful source of vitamins and minerals good for your health. Using it in your daily diet may get you a lot of health benefits.


Powerful Antioxidant.

Purple sweet potatoes are high in antioxidants called anthocyanins. A high level of this antioxidant makes several health benefits: reduce inflammation and boost immunity, improve heart and eye health, may lower blood sugar levels and risk of chronic disease.

Highly nutritious.

Purple sweet potatoes are rich in essential vitamins and minerals, especially in Vitamin A/Beta Carotene and potassium (they have more potassium than a banana!). They also contain a large amount of fibre. That makes the purple sweet potato a great addition and booster for your daily diet.

Bright up your plate!

Purple sweet potato powder is versatile, and you can add it almost to everything. The recommended serving size is one teaspoon, and it is enough to make your food pretty purple.

Make a fantastic purple breakfast!

Add it to your simple breakfasts, like yoghurts, smoothies and ice creams. The powder is rich in flavour, but added to your dishes does not change their taste at all.

Use in your colourful bakings & cakes decorating!

Purple sweet potato powder is perfect to use in bakings and cake decorating! This powder is heat resistant, which means that the colour of your cakes and other bakings goods will not fade under heat treatment. 

It will also be great to colour all types of raw desserts and make super pretty violet lattes!💜


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