Black Goji: A berry-licious purple booster!


Our Black Goji Powder comes from the pure Black Goji berry fruit. It originates in the Himalayan Mountains in Central Asia, where it is admired for its health benefits.

Black Goji Berry


Black Goji, sometimes called also Black Wolfberry, is known as a powerful medicinal and healthy food. It is more healthful and potent than red goji berry, which is, in fact, more widely known. Black Goji berries are high in antioxidants and vitamins, especially A, C and E. They also are high in fiber, protein and minerals like iron.

A powerhouse of health benefits

Black Goji Berries are often called a superfood, because of high antioxidants level. Goji berries contain the highest concentration of proanthocyanidins - the powerful antioxidant. That makes goji berries one of the most healthy fruits in the world.

Black Goji berries provide immune system support, promote healthy skin, protect against cancer, and stabilise blood sugar. They protect the eyes and may help in depression, anxiety and sleep.

Black Goji berries in your kitchen

Black Goji berries may be eaten fresh or dried. They are available in supplements form and superfood powders and blends.

Our Black Goji powder is a perfect addition to your daily diet. You can use this powder in almost every kind of foods. This powder's flavor is tart and sour, but added into the dish the  powder doesn't change its taste.  

One tablespoon of powder gives your food extra color and nutrition boost! Create pretty purple breakfast, smoothies and desserts💜

The Magician Powder!

Black Goji powder may surprise you by color changing properties! 

You can create pretty purple lemonades with Black Goji powder. If you add something sour like lemon or lime to black goji powder, it will change the color to lighter shade!😍

Black Goji powder also react with ingredients like baking soda and change the colour under heat treatment! In effects your cakes or pancakes may turn out in pretty blue and green shades! Just look at this pancake stack below👇 Cool, right!?🤩

As you can see, using the Black Goji powder gives you a lot of health benefits and much fun with creating your colourful food! Get inspired and check our recipes with Black Goji powder here 💜

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