Helene's ultimate Christmas diet🎄

Here we are, getting closer to my absolute favorite time of the year. Filled with joy, laughter, presents, cozy sweaters, quality time with loved ones...

And then there is the food. Grandma's gingerbread snaps, my sister in law's orgasmic pralines, Swedish plant balls, potaters...all served with a large portion of guilt.

Media bombards us with tips on how to ”healthify” our fav dishes (read: turn them in to a low cal, low sugar, keto version that is close to inedible.)

We’re told to eat smaller portions, skip the sauce, run 10 miles, focus on the veggies..Many of us are struggling hard with our relationship with food over the holidays and find it impossible to relax and enjoy ourselves.

I’ve dealt a lot with food guilt back in the days. Christmas time was a nightmare for me with ”unhealthy” food everywhere and few open hours at my local gym.

I would wake up early and go for a run before restricting myself heavily at the Christmas table or I would just let go of myself completely and then feel like a little Christmas pig (not in a cute way) with a ton of anxiety. I’m 100% sure that I’m not the only one..

And then something happened...I decided to switch my mindset completely.

It’s only Christmas once a year and that time with the family is holy. Nowadays I realize that one week  where I fall out of my routine is not going tho change my overall physique or health.

I let go of the guilt and focus on enjoying the time with my family instead of running off to the gym. I decide to relish every single bite of the food I only eat once a year. I even feel stronger when I come back to the gym from all the amazingly delicious carbs I’ve been consuming.

It’s time for you to let go of the guilt and give yourself a break over Christmas. 

Snuggle up on the couch with a proper cup of hot cocoa and listen to that annoying ”Feliz Navidad” song one more time.

Enjoy that food sister, sleep in (if you can), give yourself some rest from your regular routines.  A healthy lifestyle is about balance and it involves treating yourself to the stuff you love once in a while.

Maybe you are still struggling to give yourself permission to let go this Christmas, but don’t worry. Thats why I’m here.

You hereby now have the written consent and permission to go indulge in your favorite treats, guilt free for a few days. People that disagree or try to promote ”sugar free” treats and unrealistic ideals can go sit on a candy cane.

Enjoy Christmas. We have a lot of healthy inspo and recipes coming next year!

Helene Arvidsson
Founder of Rawnice

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