How to use our Superfoods for the best results 🤓


Maybe you are just curious about our powder, or you got your first delivery and want to get started creating dope stuff, but you’re not sure on how to do it.

Or maybe you just need an extra suggestion about how to use the specific powder?

We share a few tips and recommendations how to use the powders to get the best results 👇

How to use superfood powders

Few general tips for the start:

  1. Light colored fruits will make them colors POP
    In order the get those vibrant colors that you see on instagram, you need to know what to blend the powders with. Light colored fruits such as banana, pineapple, coconut are the best ingredients for a COLOR BOMB smoothie.
  2. DON’T blend with dark fruits and berries
    You might have learned a thing or two from using watercolors as a kid. If you combine two colors with a lot of pigment none of the colors will pop. The same applies to our powders. If you mix them with blueberries, raspberries, pomegranate etc you won’t get that vibrant color.
  3. Start out simple to build up your confidence
    It’s easy to get all excited and want to create everything at once, but instead of going for your most tricky recipes first, start out with a more basic banana nicecream to build up your confidence!
  4. Store your powders in a cool and dry place
    In order to keep your powders as fresh as possible store them airtight in a dry, cool place away from direct sunlight.
  5. Don’t add all the powder at once
    Add a little at a time until you reach your desired color. 1-2 teaspoons is enough to turn your food into a color bomb so don’t overdo it. The powders are pretty damn concentrated.

Down below, we share some helpful information about interesting properties and recommendation to use for every powder 👇

How to use superfood powders

Did you know that pink pitaya is a great source of antioxidants, and especially Vitamin C? This powder is excellent to add into your breakfast smoothies to give them an extra nutrition boost!

Of course, you can add pink pitaya powder to any food you want. Just remember about one thing - pitaya powder is very heat sensitive! That makes it not a perfect addition to the food that needs treatment in higher temperatures. The color may just fade in the heat treatment.

Like the pitaya, blue spirulina powder is also sensitive to high temperatures. Therefore, if you wish to create blue pancakes, cook them on very low heat to avoid fading color.

Blue spirulina is perfect to add into your smoothies, breakfast parfaits, raw dessert and other sweet treats.

How do you get that perfect blue color?

This depends mainly on the combination of ingredients and amount of blue spirulina powder. It may be challenging in the beginning, but here are some tips to help:
  • Mix blue spirulina with light-colored ingredients, like frozen bananas or coconut yogurt to get that blue-tiful shade!
  • When you add blue spirulina to yellow or green fruits, your smoothie can get pretty blue-green shades, like mint or turquoise.
  • Adding a little bit of pink or red fruits to your smoothie base with blue spirulina turn it into purple!

 How to use superfood powders

Curcumin is a very healthy powder, but unfortunately, curcumin doesn't absorb well in the bloodstream and, because of that, may not give you the desired anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits. 

But there is a way to help in curcumin absorption. Add a black pepper every time you consume curcumin/turmeric. Black pepper contains a compound called piperine, which allows the absorption of curcumin to be increased.

Curcumin powder is excellent to use in golden lattes, but it will work great also in every kind of desserts, bakings, smoothies and more.

Matcha powder is a powerful source of antioxidants, and using this powder in daily diet may bring a lot benefits.
This powder is great to use in almost everything. We love to use it the most in tea/lattes and dessert recipes.
The only thing you should consider is the strong taste of matcha powder, which is detectable in the food where the powder is mixed. So when you add matcha to your recipe, start adding the smaller amount like 1/2 - 1 tsp and check out how it tastes.
One of the most distinctive characteristics of this powder is that it will change color when the pH balance changes. That's mean if you add to your butterfly pea drink a little bit of lemon juice, it changes the colour from blue to pink and purple! 
The powder is perfect to use in any kind of drinks, but it is also great in smoothies, desserts, and bakings - the powder is heat resistant!

Here are our tips how to use butterfly pea for best results:

  1. Recommended serving size is 1/2 tsp; add more if you desire a stronger colour.
  2. Mix with light-coloured foods to get the most colourful pop and most vibrant result. (Bananas, mango, plant milk etc.). 
  3. Mix with a fruit-infused drink for a lovely blue shade. Then add lemon juice to change the colour of your drinks from blue to purple.
  4. This powder is especially great for hot foods like pasta and home-baked bread because it keeps its colour even when heated. You can also use it to create the internet famous" Blue Chai Tea" and so much more. Creativity is your only limitation!

How to use superfood powders


The beetroot powder is a really versatile product! It is a perfect addition to absolutely every kind of food. The pigmentation is intense and allows you to create different shades of pink, from light to very strong colors.

If you would like to create pink cakes, muffins, and other baked goods, we highly recommend using beetroot powder instead of pink pitaya. Beetroot powder is heat resistant, and the color of your bakings will not fade under heat treatment.
This powder gives pretty purple shades and it is perfect to use in lattes, smoothies, desserts and baked goods.
Sweet potato powder has a specific, a bit granulated structure, which may be a bit problematic with using it in some kind of recipes - for example in buttercream frosting. The powder may not dissolve completely in the mixture, making the texture and color looks not smooth enough.
Black Goji Powder is highly packed with antioxidants and vitamins, making it an excellent addition, especially to smoothies, breakfast foods, and desserts.

This powder has a really thick structure, which may not work perfectly in coloring buttercreams and other frostings. It can also not dissolve entirely in water/drinks.

But this powder may surprise you with color-changing properties!
The powder reacts with baking soda and, when combined with it, will change the color from purple to green-blue shades! We made these pretty pancakes with Black Goji powder👇☺️

How to use superfood powders
We love to use black carrot powder to create pretty purple lattes, but this powder is great to use in any kind of food.
As the powder is heat resistant, we highly recommend to try it in your baking goods!
But...this powder also may change the color in higher temperatures 😊
You can expect that your food will turn from purple into navy-blue color under heat treatment.
How to use superfood powders
This powder is specially great to use in hot foods like pasta, waffles, pancakes and home baked bread. It will never loose color!
We like to use Charcoal  in sugar fondant decoration. For better incorporate powdered food coloring, make sure the sugar fondant is really soft.
Recommended serving size  of activated charcoal (and daily dose) is 1 tsp. Do not exceed as this is a supplement classified product.
Also, do not consume 1 hour before our 2 hours after any drugs, vitamins or medications as it is a very potent adsorbent and might disrupt the effect of those medications if consumed at the same time.
You can also use charcoal in cosmetic recipes, for teeth whitening and purifying facial masks.
Black Cacao powder is the product mostly recommended for bakings, but it is also great to add into smoothies, chia puddings or overnight oats parfaits!
This product contains no fat, and that leaves it a bit more dry and with a slightly different flavor than regular cacao. So for the best results, you should add a bit more fat to your recipe to get perfect results.
If you want that exact same chocolatey flavor that you’re used to, we also suggest you mix in some brown cocoa in your recipes (which will enhance the flavors).
How to use superfood powders


If you make recipes using baking soda be aware that baking soda does not work with large amounts of Black cocoa powder (¾ cup or more) as it is alkalized and will interfere with the reaction properties of baking soda that should cause the rising.

There are two solutions to this we recommend. They can be combined to work together as well.👇

1. Add baking powder on top of the baking soda to get the proper rise of your creation. (Start with one teaspoon and add up to two if you need to)

2. Reduce the amount of black cocoa and add in a bit of regular cacao to make it a mixture of both. This will still get a very dark color but will avoid issues with rising.


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