Rawnice Collaborators Portraits: Claudia Kannemann


It is time to introduce you another fantastic creator who closely work with Rawnice brand! Meet Claudia Kannemann.

Claudia is a food photographer, recipe creator and active Instagram food blogger. She creates vegan recipes full of healthy ingredients and beautiful colours. She works with Rawnice for a long time, and always when we see her new creation, we are just amazed by her talent and creativity.❤️

Dig into our short interview with Claudia, and meet her better!


Introduce yourself - tell us a bit about you and your activities on social media.

I’m Claudi from the IG account @claudisfoodworld. I live in a small village near the Harz mountains in Germany. I’m a vegan for almost two years now, and it was my best decision ever.

I live my dreams in colours. I think it’s one of the best opportunities to boost your mood. 😊

When did you start your journey with food blogging on Ig, and what inspired you to start?

I started my food journey a few months before I went vegan. As these thoughts in my head formed, I searched for lots of inspirations, and what better place to get them as IG?

That´s right - Instagram is a mine of inspiration. But what sparked your interest in food/cooking/baking?

The almost never-ending outstanding accounts on IG gave me so much inspiration to try all these new things out. I always had been a passionate cooker and baker, so these two interests matched together perfectly.

What is the best and worst thing about being a food blogger/food creator?

Being a food blogger is sometimes really hard. There is so much delicious food to cook and bake - looking through IG always makes me hungry 😉 But I love it through and through. I think I would have missed some of my best food moments if I were not connected with lots of these wonderful foodies on IG.

Where do you get inspiration for new recipes and photos?

I love to scroll through IG and get inspo from other foodies. Also , I’m very inspired by the beauty of our mother nature or even get some inspirations from the crosswords magazines of my mom 😉

Besides food creating and blogging, do you have other passions in your life? How do you like to spend your free time?

I always was a creative soul, and besides the whole food thing, I loooooove to dance. I am very active in our carnival club and love to work on new dances with my groups and solo dancers.

Why did you decide to work with us at Rawnice?

Since almost day one on my Insta journey, I got in touch with the powders from Rawnice. I saw all the beautiful and vibrant creations from other creators, and I had to try these powders myself. I was really in love from the first second, and the rest is history. ☺️

What is your favourite Rawnice powder, and why?☺️

My favourite powder is the Böacl Carrot Powder. I love the pigmentation and the excellent unique shade.

Click here and visit Claudia's beautiful feed on Instagram ❤️ You will find there many of healthy and colorful recipes and a lot of inspiration🙌

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