Rawnice Collaborators Portraits: Claire Borg


Claire Borg is the next of our Rawnice Collaborator, which whom we would like to introduce to you in our Collaborators Portrait Series.

Claire is talented food stylist and photographer, food creator and passionate bread baker . She is sharing her passion on Instagram, behind @claire__borg_gozo, and publish her work in magazines and cook books.

Read our interview with Claire and get her know better!

Introduce yourself - tell us a bit about you and your activities in social media 

My name is Claire Borg and I come from a little island called Gozo which makes part of the Maltese archipelago. I am a mum of three, an avid baker, very passionate about baking bread and also foraging, traveling... a total foodie and I do food styling and food photography.

 When did you start your journey with food blogging on Ig, and what inspired you to start? 

I started my journey on instagram because I wanted to display my work. I do photography for magazines and cookery books and also other social media platforms.

What sparked your interest in food/cooking/baking? 

I was born with interest in cooking. From an early age I played in the kitchen and the love for food and the creation, variety and interest in it, grew with me.

What is the best and worst thing about being a food blogger/food creator? 

The worst thing is the addiction. The ongoing urge to cook up something... sometimes does not let me sleep. I get into bed and still think of what I could have cooked or what to do the next day. The best thing is all the rest.

Where do you get inspiration for new recipes and photos? 

My inspiration comes from travel, from visiting our fields, the tradition of my country, seasonal produce and vibrant foods. I am very attracted to green and red foods. Pomegranates, raspberries, loganberries, pink pitaya and strawberries and then any green vegetables.

I love to bake, so any bakery of any sort is a wonderful thing for me. The seasons also play a big part. Then i could be talking to someone and just mention... pasta, and out comes the pasta machine. 

Besides food creating and blogging, do you have other passions in your life? How do you like to spend your free time? 

Other passions are foraging for food. Traveling to places with great culinary stories. Creative hobbies like embroidery, pottery, drawing. I don't excel, but I enjoy them.

I try not to have a lot of free time on my hands. They say it's bad for you :)

Why did you decide to collaborate with us at Rawnice? 

Rawnice? Cause you really are nice! I saw your products and I thought I could incorporate them into my creations, especially my sourdough baking. I tried the products and I fell in love. I love to create vivid loaves.

 What is your fav Rawnice powder, and why? 

My fave at the moment has to be the charcoal powder. Gorgeous. I love to make beautiful black breads with intricate scoring. The charcoal powder is the one for me. 

We celebrate Women's Day this week. Are there any women who inspire you? 

Women who inspire me? Any woman that has not had it easy is an inspiration for me. The angry yet determined ones. The hurt yet focused ones. The ones that manage to make it no matter what.

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