Ingredients: Blue Spirulina Extract

ย Spirulina Algae

Our Blue Spirulina is extracted from the very popular and commonly consumed green spirulina.

However, our product is a totally new experience for anyone that try it because of TWO huge improvements.

1. No nasty taste
By extracting out the green, aka Chlorophyll, that carries the very distinct taste of regular spirulina our new and improved version is totally free from taste. This makes it a perfect addition to almost any food to boost with nutrients without holding your nose!

2. Vibrant blue color
Our Blue Spirulina is the most vibrant blue color found in nature. That is because of the natural BLUE part of theย 
green-blue Spirulinaย  algae. When the green stuff is removed we are left with this beautiful and nutrition packed powder!

We know, it sounds like magic but is is true!