The secret of perfect nice cream texture!


We often get questions about the perfect nice cream texture, so today, we are sharing with you some of our tried and tested tips to help you make your nice creams just epic!


The key of consistency: BANANAS!

Frozen bananas are the essential thing if we talk about perfect nice cream consistency and texture. But not every banana will work perfect - the best to use are very ripe bananas. More ripe bananas you will use, more creamy and thick your nice cream will be!

So, think about these things:

🍌 Freeze very ripe (or overripe) bananas. 

🍌 Chop bananas into smaller chunks before freezing. It will be much easier and faster to blend.

🍌Freeze bananas for at least 3 hours - they need to be solid freezed.

🍌 When you take out the bananas from the freezer, set them aside for around 10 minutes before blending. It will also make your blending easier. 

Only the super-powered blender will work?

Great news, NO! 😉 The type of blender is, of course, important to get the perfect nice cream consistency. But don’t worry if you don’t have a Vitamix at home! You can still make the nice creams, even with a hand blender. 🤓

Your blender must have at least 700-800W power as a minimum. You can, of course, use a blender with less power, but the blending process might get difficult... 

How to make the nice cream?

Easy-peasy! If you have finally your bananas perfectly frozen, just put them in your blender and make the magic! Then, add some other of your favourite frozen fruits and your favourite spices to better taste. 

And remember, do not add too much liquid. Add just a splash, for example, of your favourite plant-based milk, just to help the fruits to start blending. If you add more liquid, your nice cream texture will be not perfect then.

Boost your nice cream with SUPERFOODS!

Superfoods powders will give your nice cream not only pretty color, but also they will boost it with extra vitamins and nutrition!

All of powders from our Rawnice Collection will work perfectly in nice creams. You can add one powder to boost your nice cream, or mix some powders to get the awesome colour results! Just experiment and have fun!🤗

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