The perfect pink duet

Transform your food from boring to EPIC PINK by adding a scoop of these two amazing powders!💓

Both Pink Pitaya and Beetroot Powder will work great for a lot of things. Just imagine bright pink smoothies, shakes, lattes, raw dessert or even savory meals - are you a fan of colorful pasta? You got it! 😍

Meet our Pink Pitaya & Beetroot Powder.

The tricky subject here is HEAT! So today we will focus on how to get awesome results in baking with these two powders!

The issue with heat.

As Pitaya is made from raw freeze dried fruit it has a very low sensitivity to heat.This means that your baked goods with pink pitaya probably will lose color during the baking process, making your yummy creations look a bit dull.

But do not worry. This is where Beetroot Powder comes to the rescue!😃 

Beetroot powder works fantastic in all bakings!

The color doesn’t get paler in high temperatures, and the taste is not detectable in any way. Cookies, cakes, bread and buns - everything will be pretty pink with beetroot 👍

Like we said, it is just perfect!💗

Keep reading to find out how Pitaya makes this a perfect couple!

How to use pitaya for baking

Pink pitaya will work great with any baking element that is not heated.

Think all kinds of frostings, glaze or buttercream. Yo
u will successfully use it to create colorful decorations that look and taste amazing. Trust us on this.

So, as you can see, these two powders complement each other perfectly by one beeing heat resistent (beet) and the other amazing for decor (pitaya)

By having these both powders in your kitchen you will give you more options in creating your colored food. and add a nice boost of nutrients at the same time.

All plant based, vegan and 100% made from mama nature. Cool right?

"I made an amazing rainbow cake! Everyone loved it, and I love that it's not just nice to look at, but it's also healthy! Thank you :)"

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