Smoothie Making 101

Want to make your smoothie bowl fantasy come to life? With that fluffy, nice-creamy texture you've been dreaming of? Here are some of our tried and tested tips to help you make epic smoothies & nice creams!

Nice creamy Texture

The type of blender is important to get the perfect nicecream/smoothie consistency. But don’t worry if you don’t have a Vitamix at home! You can still make the nicecreams, even with a hand blender πŸ€“

It’s important that your blender has at least 700-800W power as a minimum. Plus here are three, easy tips - especially helpful if you’re not using a high-speed blender!

The key in nicecream texture is BANANAS! Think about these things:

🍌 Freeze very ripe (or overripe) bananas. Ripe bananas make your nicecream creamier!
🍌 Chop bananas into smaller chunks before freezing. It will be much easier to blend.
🍌 When you take out the bananas from the freezer, set them aside for around 10 minutes before blending. It will also make your blending easier.


Your nicecream/smoothie’s color depends on the amount of powder which you use and the combination of ingredients:

  • If you want light colors, like pastels, start by adding Β½ to 1 tsp of powder. For a stronger or more vibrant shade, add 1 to 2 tbsp.
  • Mix powders with light colored ingredients. Fruits like bananas, pineapples, or mango are usually great as base!
  • If your smoothie base has red or pink fruits, choose the powder in a similar color. Pink pitaya, beetroot or black goji berry powder will make your smoothies pop add an extra nutrition boost!
How do you get the perfect blue?

This depends depends mainly on the combination of ingredients combination and amount of blue spirulina powder. It may be challenging in the beginning, but here are some tips to help:
  • Mix blue spirulina with light-colored ingredients, like frozen bananas or coconut yogurt to get that blue-tiful shade!
  • When you add blue spirulina to yellow or green fruits, your smoothie can get pretty blue-green shades, like mint or turquoise.
  • Adding a little bit of pink or red fruits to your smoothie base with blue spirulina turn it into purple!

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