5 Smoothie Tips and Tricks

We got five easy tips and tricks to help you level up your smoothie-making game!

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We teamed up with some awesome creators from Instagram for these easy-peasy, tested and proven smoothie-making tips and tricks!

Watch this video to see the 5 tips & tricks, and meet the amazing creators behind them!

A quick summary of the 5 Tips and Tricks for Amazing Smoothies:

  1. Bananas are a staple for making smoothies, but what if you don't like bananas? You can replace it with frozen mango and pineapple!
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  3. For a thicker smoothie texture, use as less liquid as possible, especially if you're using fruits with high water content, like watermelons.
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  5. Want a healthier smoothie? Sneak in some of your fave veggies!
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  7. Add oats or peanut butter to add more flavor and for a much creamier texture.
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  9. And lastly, overripe frozen bananas makes for the creamiest of smoothies!


What's your go-to smoothie making tips and tricks? Sound off at the comments!

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