For a limited time, we are giving away our brand new Ocean Bowl Tool Kit ($39) for free, when you purchase both of our most popular bundles in one order.

Rainbow Collection Bundle + Limited Edition Bundle 

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Ocean Bowl Tool Kit

This kit has the perfect tools to make your smoothie look even amazing'er. Even the driest land crabs will be diving right in ;)

1. Seashell silicone molds
2. Mermaid silicone molds
3. Jumbo Coconut bowl
4. Palm tree spoons gold x2


Rainbow Bundel Rawnice  Limited Edition Bundle Rawnice  

What's included

Rainbow Collection Bundle
$77,69 ($110.99)
Limited Edition Bundle
$44.09 ($62.99)
Ocean Bowl tool kit
FREE ($39)

We're also throwing in our $20 recipe ebook and free worldwide shipping - just because we can!

Recipe Ebook
FREE ($20)
FREE ($15) 


  • Deal ends Sunday Aug 23.
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